Creating a Live Video

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We're going to walk through how to create a Video, set up the details for a Live Stream, test we're publishing content to it, embed the code on our website and make the video live so the world can see it.

We're assuming that you have already registered for a free account (if not, go to and create one now).

We're also assuming that you have already deposited some money into your account. If not, head over to and do this now.

Create a new Video

  • Log into the 247 Platform Console via
  • Click on 'Videos' , and then on the New button.
    • Enter a title for your video, and select a Category for it.
    • Enter a message into the box that will be displayed to the viewers when the video is not live. This is the place to put information such as schedule details or other important information that you want people to see prior to the video being live.
    • Press Save
  • You will be taken back to the listings of Videos. Click on the title of your video ( you can search for it using the title filter or the category drop-down above the list )

Setting up Live Streaming

With your newly created video, it's currently not set up for Live or On-Demand streaming. You need to:

  • Click on the 'Live' tab inside the video details page.
  • Select which bitrate(s) you wish to stream to. This is going to depend on several things, including the device you're streaming with, the bandwidth you have from the location you're streaming, and the audience you're streaming too.
    • Tick the checkbox next to the bitrate(s) you wish to stream to, and then click [ Apply ]
    • Each bitrate option will have it's own stream name and preferred settings you will need to copy these into your media publishing software (such as Flash Media Live Encoder, or a Tricaster video mixer).
    • You will need to publish (send) each of the video profiles you have selected. If your software/hardware or locations' internet connection can only support one stream, then only select one in this list.
    • You can preview the Primary and Backup streams for each profile next to it's details ( the top player being the Primary and the lower player being the Backup).
    • Once you have tested your settings, you can publish your video ( make it viewable to the world, but not start the live stream ) by clicking the link at the top of the page. Your video is no ready to be embedded into websites for your audience to view.

Starting the Live Stream

When you're ready, once you've tested your video in the preview windows then you are able to start the live stream. To do this, simply click the Start Live Stream button on the upper-right and the video will be made available.