Embedding Your Video

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Getting Started

Getting the content from the 247 Platform onto your website is very simple. On the Video page, under the Live tab and the VOD tab, you'll see a link that looks something like this:


This embed page is all you need to send your viewers to get your content. You can embed it using an I-frame, using code like:



There are several parameters you can pass to the embed link in the form of the querystring.

Parameters used in the Embed Code
Parameter Description Values Required
v the stream name of the video Yes
autoplay If the video should start playing once the page has loaded 0 or 1 No
authHash The authorization hash used for secure videos A string passed back via the API No
hidethumb Set to not show the thumbnail in the embed page 0 or 1 No
defimage Set an alternative image instead of the Thumbnail to be displayed URL to image No

Putting a URL together

The embed url always requires the v option, so it's advised to start with that. Other values you can add to the URL by appending them with a &, so to not autoplay the above video, and to use a different thumbnail image you would have a URL like:


Securing your Video

Securing your video so only users you choose can view it is quite simple, but does require some interaction with the 247 Platform API. When you perform a Video - Authenticate call, it returns a value authHash, which is what you embed in your video embed querystring.

Remember - you will need to change the Security dropdown ( under Settings on your videos' Live or Video on Demand tab) to Only authorised can watch for this to take effect.